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Skymin and uber flasher swap, winger & caber buffs


  • Medic
    • Vita Saw:
      • Changed:
        • On Teammate Hit: 1 second of haste rune to agility rune
          • Haste rune was too powerful combined with the new iron bomber that gave it a 800+ dmg burst option that was very easy to do
  • Scout
    • Winger:
      • Added:
        • Passive +50% higher jump bonus
          • This will stack with the wingers jump ability when the winger is deployed
  • Caber
    • Removed:
      • Crits become minicrits
    • Added:
      • +100% damage bonus on explosive swing


  • Skymin
    • Changed:
      • Type from Free to Paid
    • Added:
      • Cost: 2 RC per robot
    • Removed:
      • -25% slower ubercharge rate
  • Uber Flasher
    • Changed:
      • Type from Paid to Free
      • UberSaw: Increased uber on hit from +25% to +100%
  • Kappy
    • Changed:
      • Increased rocket fire interval on fired rockets from 0.6 to 0.75 seconds
      • Increased reload speed from -50% to -150% slower
  • Hoovy
    • Changed:
      • Cosmetics back to non Smissmass variants
      • Reflect Rune no longer makes the attacker stunned
  • Carbine Cassidy
    • Changed:
      • Updated description to be more accurate
  • Lister
    • Changed:
      • Increased damage penalty vs buildings from -20% to -50%


  • MVM Medic Shield
    • Damage increased from 0 to 1


  • Caber throws with very low cooldown no longer shows up in the hud (no more 0 second when throwing)
  • Fixed remote controlled rockets causing the camera to go to limbo
  • Can cancel the remote control of any rocket
  • Rocket Bombing Rockets now have crits properly applied to them

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