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Ivory buff

Robot Balance

  • Ivory
    • Changed:
      • MIRV explosion is now triggered by pressing M2
      • Toggle MIRV modes with +attack3, +use or +reload
    • While a cool robot, the range where you got value from this robot was limited compared to others, this change will make this robot a lot better and more versitile
  • Toofty
    • Changed:
      • Role from Damage to Disruptor
      • Model from giant to normal robot (the one that runs)
      • Reduced move speed penalty from -50% to -15%
      • Reduced damage bonus from +20% to -15%
      • Reduced damage done to buildings from -20% to -45%
      • Reduced health from 3000 to 1750
    • Added:
      • Parachute
    • Being able to jump around and being slow didn’t really fit this robot, giving them the Elmaxo approach as a demo seems more fitting, which is why the demo runs and was given the parachute back at the cost of health
  • Crocotron
    • Sniper Rifle
      • Removed:
        • Mincrits become crits
        • Being able to crit so easily made him devestating when combined with a buff banner soldier
  • Teamporter
    • Removed:
      • Debug message that would spam the console with “no valid tele found”


  • Volunteers
    • Changed the text color when robot slots are available to be more distinct

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