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Winrate logging


  • The 64 bit update broke a lot of stuff, so there may be things that don’t function optimally, please post in the feedback channels on the discord if you spot any bugs.


  • Spitfire
    • Removed from roster:
      • After the 64bit update, hitscan no longer triggers fire with the attribute for some reason
  • Terminator
    • Added:
      • On Locking on Target: Gain Speed boost
        • Being able to be a bit faster when looking at your target, AND showcasing who you are looking at with minicrit should make this a double edged sword and more fun for both sides
  • Carbine Cassidy
    • Changed:
      • Fire rate back to normal cleaner carbine
  • Ivory
    • Changed:
      • Increased firing speed bonus from +15% to +20% faster


  • Pyro & Scout:
    • Fixed a logic error that prevented them from getting their class buffs


  • Added data capture for winrates and team comps
    • This may cause some lag when a round win is had, this needs to be tested in real games
  • Join the discord if you haven’t already!!
  • Join the Steamgroup for pings and announcements for when we play.
  • Human Buffs
  • Robots

Use the !seed command on our servers to let the discord server know you want to play