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Terminator, cassidy, spitfire nerf


  • Spitfire
    • Changed:
      • Reduced damage bonus from +20% to +15%
    • Removed:
      • Mini-crits burning enemies
  • Terminator
    • Changed:
      • Reduced healing per player from 166 to 50
      • Looking at target gives the crit-a-cola condition
        • This is to make it easier to see if you are the target if the Terminator is looking at you
      • Reduced base health from 1500 to 1100
        • Since Terminator is smaller, he doesn’t need as much health as his smaller size makes him take less overall damage
    • Removed:
      • -75% sentry damage resistance
      • Looking at target: Speedboost
        • The removal of the speedboost is to give some consistency in how the terminator operates
  • Carbine Cassidy
    • Changed:
      • Reduced fire rate bonus to penalty from +25% faster to -25% slower
        • The slower firing speed is meant to increase the skill needed to get value out of this robot
      • Reduced damage bonus vs players from +80% to +40%
        • This makes it so overhealed heavies no longer die to a single volley


  • Big Block:
    • Added logic to let you walk up blocks


  • Pyro:
    • Neon Annihilator:
      • Now acts as electric weapons
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