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Balancemod: southern hospitality buff, sniper nerf, scramble update, engipad point reduction

Balancemod Balance Changes

Southern Hospitality

  • Changed:
    • Reduced the upgrade rate penalty from 18 to 20 metal per swing
      • The previous upgrade rate penalty required an additional 12 swings to fully upgrade everything, this has now been lowered to make this more managable as your buildings will be later than usual, but not unbearably late. This brings it down to 10 compared to the 8 needed with the stock wrench

Sniper Rifles**

  • Added:
    • -50% slower reload speed
    • This is an experimental change, we are quite convinced that this will not change the power output of sniper in any meaningful way, but it’s good to test this and get this confirmed


  • Removed: Damage increases as health decreases stat
  • Added: +60% damage bonus while below half health
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where these new stats used the wrong killfeed icon. Untangled some valve spaghetti

Scramble Plugin

  • Added functionality so the scramble plugin actually scrambles again
  • Added functionality where scramble plugin will randomly select to use ELO points to scramble or use ingame score
  • Scramble now resets the round (causes setup time to bug with shutters open)
  • Use vscramble to initiate a vote


  • Reduced the amount of points gained from Jump and Speed pads by a factor of 4

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** This is an experimental change that most likely will not last long