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Dragon's Fury
No longer crippling
Generic Image
  • Air blast penalty
  • Increased afterburn duration by 100%
  • -25% decreased airblast push force

  • The bug where other projectiles would remove The Dragon's Fury projectile

The official Dragon's Fury is not very forgiving.
Not being able to airblast naturally severely restricts your playstyle.
The sheer inconsistency of the fire projectile combined with the bug of it just
disappearing on other projectiles made this weapon so bad.
The added damage helps with the inconsistent nature of the weapon. (highs and lows)
Thermal Thruster
No more intense planning required
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  • Hidden 50% more push force taken from damage
  • Holstering penalty

  • 15% Faster recharge time

The official Thermal Thruster requires extreme planning to be useful.
We've found that the strange holstering speed is really off putting and can
really mess up your timings as pyro, which is why it's not getting much use
and why thermal thruster pyro's in general are not very threatening, but now they are.
The Gas Passer
Gas Gas Gas
Generic Image
  • Ignited enemies explode
  • Explosions deal 45 damage in addition to full afterburn duration.
  • Projectile speed now matches jarate and mad milk
  • This weapon deploys 15% slower
  • Fixed projectile going through walls in certain situations
The official Gas Passer is so bad that even if you constantly had it, it would still not be good.
Taking a page of out of th MvM upgrade, it now behaves the same, but with less damage.
In it's current state it's good when enemies are clustered together for a huge cascading boom festival
The Hot Hand
Speedy slaps
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  • While weapon is active:
  • +15% move speed on wearer
  • Gain a speed boost when you hit an enemy player
  • -20% Damage done
  • +20% More damage taken
The Hot hand saw very little use with the official stats.
In this mod, we've given it the speed from the powerjack, which can stack with the additional speed from the slap. The slap for additional speed is really useful when combined. It will provide higher skill ceilings for Pyro's to master in close combat.

Quality of Life Improvements

We didn't stop on buffing Jungle Inferno weapons, but much of the pyro's underused and pretty bad arsenal.
Improved mobility
Generic Image
  • Self damage taken reduced from -50% to -35%
  • -50% afterburn damage

With the introduction of the Thermal Thruster, this item is seeing less use.
By doing less self damage, it allows the pyro to make more mobility jumps in general.
Which is what Pyro needs in his arsenal, more good tools that helps pyro do pyro things
(Getting close and burning stuff!)
Capable of melting manns
Generic Image
  • 20% faster firing speed
  • 25% more damage done
  • 40% faster deploy speed
  • Faster 50% faster projectile speed.

This weapon relied on the enemy doing something. (Having a pyro) to be the same as the flare gun.
Instead of nerfing the flare gun we're boosting the overall usefulness of this, where in the rare cases where you do happen to store a crit, it will be significant.
Since the Manmelter has no reload animation, shooting repeatedly is really weird, so the faster firing speed helps mitigate that.
The Scorch Shot
Not quite as annoying
Generic Image
  • 20% slower projectile speed
  • -25% afterburn duration

It was too easy as a pyro to just keep enemies at the front line constantly on fire.
The slower projectile makes the second bounce take longer to land, meaning people have more time to avoid it.
Fire Axe
Applies to all-class re-skins for Pyro
Generic Image
  • Reveals disguised spies on hit
  • 40% faster global weapon switch speed
With all the other utility the pyro has for melee, doing 65 damage is not that appealing.
The faster global weapon switch speed allows you to run any flamethrower where you would have run perma-Degreaser.
Applies to maul
Generic Image
  • -40% less push force taken from damage
  • Attacks pierce damage resistance effects and bonuses
The homewrecker offers very little other than removing sappers for engineers.
While in the response category, it will now hammer through wrangled sentry shields.
The less push back will help close the distance on sentries.
Airblast vulnerability remains the same.
Neon Annihilator
KGB for the pyro
Generic Image
  • On kill gain 5 seconds of guaranteed mini-crits
  • Players coated in gas counts as wet (when not on fire)
Similar to the homewrecker, this weapon offers very little utility compared to other pyro melee unlocks.
The lack of water on most maps doesn't make "pyro sharking" very viable.
The new guaranteed crits on melee kill mechanic suits pyro's "in your face" playstyle really well. Allowing for some great combo kills off of it.
Sharpened Volcano Fragment Rework
Nuke on a stick
Generic Image
  • -20% damage penalty

  • -90% damage done to non-burning targets
  • On hit: lights target on fire
  • On burning target hit: Mini-crits target and causes small explosion dealing damage and lights nearby enemies on fire for. Ignores resistances.
The Sharpened Volcano fragment is by far the most useless melee for pyro. It only lights enemies on fire, which is something the flamethrower and any flare gun does for more damage and further away. If enemies are within explosion radius, this melee has the DPS potential of the regular flamethrower if used correctly. You can also combo off the others catching fire from the explosion, making you a melee maniac, very fitting for Pyro. It looks cool and now it plays cool. BOOM!
Easier to use
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  • Slower holster penalty

Holstering penalties can be negated completely by switching to another weapon before the intended weapon quickly.
Press 3 -> 1 = You get penalty
Press (really quickly) 3->2->1 = You don't get any penalty.
All holstering penalties have been removed from the game in this mod.
Back scratcher
Flanking self-healing tool
Generic Image
  • While active: Health kits overheal

The official back scratcher left much to be desired.
While already making good use of health packs when taking damage, allowing pyro to overheal off health packs makes solo flanking pyro a lot more durable in fight and therefore this weapon a lot more viable for this type of play style. Health packs also includes lunch box items.
Healbeam boost
Generic Image
  • Faster run speed
  • Damage vulnerability

  • 50% of base health restored on kill
  • 20% slower firing speed
  • 225% more healing from all healbeam sources
  • Only when active
Similar to the escape plan was when it was both the equalizer and escape plan in one.
This item offers too much versatility for the Pyro and remains a must-pick for all pyro's
This is the opposite function of the back scratcher, where you get a lot more survivability from heal beams. Sacrifice mobility for higher sustain from medics and dispensers.