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Vita-saw and syringe gun buffs, mafia nerfs


  • Medic
    • Syringe Gun:
      • Added:
        • On Hit: -15% damage for 1 second on target
    • Vita Saw:
      • Added:
        • On Teammate Hit: 1 second of haste rune
          • This will only apply to teammates under standard HP, will function the same as the crossbow in that regard
  • Spy
    • Knives:
      • Increased the precentage needed for getting damage bonus on backstab from 80% to 95%

Low Power Mode

  • Crit Handling
    • Crits and Mini-crits are now affected by low power damage bonus
      • Since we changed how much low power is gained, crits can now be effected normally, and we’ll see how that plays in


  • Zip Bomb
    • Added:
      • M2 now throws a caber (can’t be crit boosted yet)
        • This is still very untested, so it might not be good, but it’s fun
  • Kappy
    • Added:
      • Rockets now shoots rockets 90* downwards of where the rocket is facing
  • Terminator
    • Added:
      • Terminator is rewarded the kill if the target kill themselves
  • Mafia Bank
    • Changed:
      • Reduced health per player from 300 to 50
      • Reduced fire rate bonus from +65% to +55% faster
    • Removed:
      • Damage bonus


  • Added caber throw attribute by Ivory42
  • Added bomber option to projectile self fire attribute by Ivory42


  • Added KOTH maps back
  • Removed CTF landfall as that got in there by mistake

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