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Human buffs in manned machines

Human Manned Machines Buffs

  • Third Degree: Crits players who are healed. Hits all players connected to the same heal source
  • Demoknight: Melee weapon +25% faster swing speed, +25% bullet, melee and crit damage resistance
  • Demoman: All of projectile weapons Reload 25% faster. All weapons deal more damage the more damage you do
  • Drinking from your bottle will grant you 6 seconds of minicrits
  • Miniguns deals -20% damage against robots
  • Sniper Melee: +15% move speed while active
  • Shahansah: +200% damage while half dead
  • Scout Power: Greatly reduced respawn time
  • Bat: Provides all weapons with +50% maxammo and +25% faster reload
  • Atomizer: 6 Bonus Jumps
  • Scout Pistol: On Hit: Speed boost for 2.0 seconds
  • Engineer Pistol: +100% clip size
  • Spy Power: Use enemy teamporters by touching their spawn
  • Blutsauger: Mad milk syringes
  • Overdose: Provides your medigun the overheal decay disabled upgrade
  • Amputator: Provides +30% Passive critical resistance
  • Solemn Vow: All weapons deal no damage! But you have theHealing Mastery upgrade
  • Solemn Vow: Crusaders Crossbow heals +40% more
  • Medic Stock Melee: Provides your medigun an additional 25% faster build rate
  • Quickfix: Medic MvM Shield
  • Vaccinator: +10% higher resistances
  • Medic Power on all Melee: Organs: Restore up to 50% uber on death
  • Eyelander: gains a head every hit vs robots
  • Half-Zatoichi: gains 35 HP on hit
  • Sniper Rifle: Explosive headshots upgrade
  • Bazaar Bragin: Gain head on headshot, but Lose 2 heads on bodyshot
  • Classic: Headshot anytime
  • Revolver: Projectile penetration bonus & Tags robots on hit for 8 seconds
  • Knife:Tags robots on hit for 8 seconds
  • Big Earner:Grants 15% movespeed while actove
  • Spycicle:On Backstab: Slows robots for 1 second
  • Enforcer: Projectile penetration bonus & 200% Damage bonus vs sapped buildings
  • Ambassador: No critical damage faloff penalty
  • Huntsman: Projectile penetration upgrade
  • Candy Cane: +33% more health from healthpacks
  • Market Gardner: +50% damage bonus
  • Electric weapons reduce robot heal rate for 1 second on hit
  • Warrior Spirit: +50 HP on hit against robots
  • KGB: +7 seconds of critical hits when landing a quick 3 hit combo vs robots
  • Jetpack: Deals no knockback when landing
  • AirStrike: Gains additional clip by doing 400 damage to robots
  • Blackbox: On Hit: Up to 30 bonus health
  • Beggars Bazooka: +2 clip size, Up to +60% fasterer firing speed based on remaining health
  • Liberty Launcher: Provides banner +200% longer buff duration
  • Liberty Launcher: equip a banner to get the buff!
  • Rocket Launcher +50% larger explosion radius
  • Frontier Justice: Gains 1 revenge crit every %i damage your sentry does to robots
  • Shotgun: Penetrates through enemies and reloads 30% faster
  • Baseball: Reduce robots heal rate
  • Ornament: Reduce robots heal rate
  • Cleaver: On Hit: Bleed for 10 seconds
  • SMG: On Hit: Speed boost for 2.0 seconds
  • Tribalmans Shiv: Bleed lasts 20 seconds
  • Razorback: +50% melee damage resistance. Will instantly recharge and stun spy robot when triggered
  • Gunslinger: +1 Sentry build count and +15% faster movement speed
  • Tomsislav: Mini-crits targets when fired at their back from close range. +60%% faster rev up speed
  • Natascha: +3 second speed boost on hit +20% faster movespeed while spun up
  • Reserve Shooter: +50% damage and crits jumping robots

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