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The inflation update


  • Electric Weapons
    • Changed:
      • Reduced healing recieved debuff applied on hit from -50% to -20%
        • The effectiveness of one player on a robot medic was too strong and scaled way too good in humans favor


  • Robots
    • Changed:
      • All robots costs x10 more RC.
      • RC generated on death increased from 1 to 10
      • Minor adjustments to many robots cost to account for the inflated price
  • Warper
    • Added:
      • Missing footstep sounds
  • Uber Flasher -> Immortality Protocol
    • Changed:
      • Uber to Death Negating attribute
        • This means this uber is silent, and has no effect, but the targets health don’t go below 1 HP
    • Added:
      • 400% overheal bonus
        • This overheal bonus is based on the class, not their max health, meaning all heavies get the same bonus of 750 hp
  • Samwiz1
    • Fixed:
      • Not playing explosion sound on death


  • Last enemy hit attribute
    • Added some logic to prevent error spamming whenever a player would take fall damage

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