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Demoknight robot tweaks, koth mode re-added


  • Multi Class
    • Stock Shotgun
      • Changed:
        • Reduced damage bonus vs jumping robts from +25% to +15%
      • Added:
        • Mini-crits vs jumping robots
      • The idea here is to add some option for humans to punish robots who jump a lot, and incentivise robots to stay grounded


  • SkillTron, General Crits
    • Added:
      • Missing Capture Rate Penalty
        • These bosses can no longer stall captures
  • Robo-Knight
    • Changed:
      • Reduced charge control from +500% to +50%
        • This robot needs to go back to it’s more original design with long charge, but not a lot of turn rate
      • Reduced move speed penalty from -20% to -15% slower
        • This change makes the robot move over 300 HU at 4 heads, making him good in another way to compensate for the loss of turn rate
  • Fly Charger
    • Changed:
      • Reduced move speed penalty from -15% to -5% slower
  • Mafia Bank
    • Changed:
      • Updated description to be more accurate
  • Spies
    • Changed:
      • Increased sapper health from 5 to 15
    • Added:
      • +200% more health from healthpacks
  • Solar Light
    • Added:
      • +65% faster weapon switch speed


  • Added logic to reduce rate of Boss Coins earned when playing KOTH maps. A Boss coins is only awarded every 4th cap. This does not reset between rounds
  • Fixed another bug where human chat tips wouldn’t show correctly in chat with certain weapon combinations

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