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Stickler got nerfed! (again!)


  • Demoman
    • Iron Bomber:
      • Reduced reload penalty from -200% to -150% slower
      • Reduced deploy time penalty from -200% slower to -50% slower
  • Heavy
    • KBG:
      • Increased combo time window from 2 to 3 seconds


  • Stickler
    • Changed:
      • Bomb Beanie to Blast Bowl
        • This makes him not look like a goofy bozo
      • Reduced start canteens from 2 to 1
      • Reduced max charges from 5 to 1
        • This makes it so Stickler only has a total of 1 charge, which makes reading the information for enemy players less of a mystery, as we apply the same method as we use on Bmod.TF’s vaccinator change
  • RoboVich
    • Added:
      • 150 additional sandvich capacity
    • Changed:
      • RoboSandvich
        • +50% faster deploy speed
          • You can now spam throw heal teammates with this bot
  • Engineers
    • Teamporter:
      • Added a warning to players with red box showing potential clipping issues when placing a teamporter to close to a wall.
        • This may give some false positives, where it says you get stuck when you won’t, but to be safe, if it throws no errors the teleporter spot is good (should be)
  • General Crits, Aero, Agro, Wamo, Pancop
    • Updated tips and menu descriptions to be more accurate
  • Spell Casters Robots
    • Added:
      • Visible fire diary cosmetic
        • It’s now possible to identify if a robot is a spell caster spells with this
  • Bearded Expense
    • Changed:
      • Increased taunt to leap startup duration from 2.3 to 4.3 seconds
        • This makes the taunt period have more startup and should limit the effective reposition powers of Bearded will still allowing him to reach the same places


  • Added a delay to the robot death tip, this should show after the killcam screen has passed
  • Added logic to automatically turn players in to robots who are manually moved to the robot team by an admin
  • Created Multi Sandvich attribute
  • Canteen Attribute: Added optional max charge variables
  • Fixed human stats not displaying in chat if the description text was over 256 characters

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