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Bazaar bargain buff & asset pack update


  • Sniper
    • Bazaar Bargain
      • Added:
        • Reload speed bonus based on heads


  • RiotCop
    • Removed:
      • Animation canceling
    • Changed:
      • Increased duration of self buff from 5 to 6 seconds as the taunt is no longer cancelled.
  • Bazooka Joe, Uncle Dane, Skeeter, Brainiac, ChatGPT Guardian, Gnome, NoFungineer, Dewill
    • Changed:
      • Adjusted scale of cosmetics to better match with the new robot fixes models
  • Icebear
    • Added Missing:
      • No fall damage taken
  • Phase Bomber
    • Changed:
      • Increased charge speed to regular speed


  • Power Scaling Mode
    • Added more logic to the power scaling, now if the offset is not exactly 3:1, the damage scaling will change to favor the team which is offset by incorrect balance of players.

Asset pack

  • Robot Models
    • Using Enhanced-est Bots
    • Download the updated Manned Machines pack here it here:
    • This fixes incorrect or missing animations as well as the size of props for robots like music instruments
      • This means properly sized cars and you can see that the hoovy does the taunt kill animation

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