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Spy backstab, bearded expense, gotham protector, buff bots tweaks

Human Balance

  • Spy
    • Backstabs:
      • +100% Damage bonus on backstab when robots are above 80% of their max health
      • This will make spy more viable against fresh high health targets

Robot Balance


  • These changes are the result of demoknight getting buffed, in additions to the other buffs the human players have gotten lately

Bearded Expense

  • Changed:
    • Reduced max health from 6000 to 5000
      • This is to make it more consistent with other heavy robots
    • Reduced melee vulnerability from +200% to +100% damage taken
  • Added:
    • +45% crit resistance

Gotham Protector

  • Changed:
    • +50% crit vulnerability to +50% crit resistance
      • This is to make Gotham Protector different from Bearded, as he has no other resistance as a tank and no mobility ability
  • Removed:
    • +50% Melee damage vulnerability

Wrangler Bill

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where you would get stuck in sentries while holding the construction PDA

Buff Bots

  • Removed:
    • Move speed penalty while holding a banner
      • You could negate this by using the !mt command

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