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Longer carbine duration


  • Sniper
    • Cleaners Carbine:
      • Changed:
        • Increased buff duration from 8 to 16 seconds.


  • Raid
    • Changed:
      • Reduced projectile speed penalty from -50% to -20% slower
  • Jbird
    • Fixed a damage stat rounding issue that caused fully charged headshots to deal 449 damage instead of 450 damage
  • Equalizor
    • Changed:
      • Reduced cost from 4 to 2 RC per robot
  • Loch’n Larry
    • Changed:
      • Increased cost from 2.5 to 4 RC


  • Multi Building Attribute
    • Temporarily Disabled
    • Testing needed to see if the HUD glitch still happens, ping HiGPS if it still happens

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