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Cassidy nerf, solarlight rework, raid joins the roster


  • Carbine Cassidy
    • Removed:
      • Cloaking on Crickey!
      • Crits whenever it would Mini-crit
    • Changed:
      • Reduced clip size from 20 to 6
      • Reduced damage bonus to players from +202.5% to +180%
        • At the longest range, hitting all 6 shots will deal 66 damage. This change also affect headshot damage. 1 headshot now deals 86 damage
  • SolarLight
    • Added:
      • Iron Bomber
        • +300% Charge time increased
    • Changed:
      • Reduced health from 3000 to 2000
      • Reduced movement penalty from -50% to -25% slower
      • Now uses the non-boss demo model for faster run animation
      • Sword: Charge time increased from 300% to 400%
    • SolarLight has been in a weird spot where he wasn’t really good as a clean demoman, and wasn’t really good as a demoknight, with the change to his health and speed, he should be in a unique spot to be able to do both roles better, without overshadowing the pure grenade robots or the melee robots
  • Mortar Mack
    • Changed:
      • Increased clip size from 18 to 20
  • Hypescout
    • Added:
      • On Enemy Player Hit: Launch forward 150HU forward 300HU upwards
  • Artillery
    • Added:
      • Airstrike On Kill Clip bonus
      • Up to 8 bonus clip based on kills
    • Changed:
      • Reduced starting clip bonus from 6 to 2
      • This change is to give Artillery a bit of a rolling start, where he’s not as strong when he spawns, but becomes stronger the longer he stays alive. He’s a bit stronger than before late game, but a lot weaker in the early game
  • Dewill
    • Added:
      • Airstrike On Kill Clip bonus
  • Equalizor
    • Changed:
      • Increased cost from 1 to 4 RC per robot
  • Terminator, Executor, Gotham Protector, B4nny
    • Changed:
      • Updated descriptions to be more accurate of the robot
  • Zero G
    • Changed:
      • -10% slower firing speed to +10% faster firing speed
  • Kristianma
    • Detonator
      • Added:
        • -50% damage penalty vs players
          • This was very spammy and very good

New Robots

  • Raid
    • Role: Demoman
    • HP: 4500
    • Move Speed: -50%
    • Weapons
      • Iron Bomber
        • -20% damage penalty
        • +80% fire rate
        • 9 clip size
        • Reloads full clip at once
        • 75% slower reload speed
        • -50% projectile speed
        • -85% damage vs buildings
    • Cost: Free
    • Designed by: HiGPS
      • This robot is an exaggerated version of SolarLight’s initial design Iron Bomber, where he is slow, very tanky and small range, but lethal at that low range. Being the opposite of Mortar Mack’s mid-range explosive one shot style


  • Multi Building Attribute
    • Fixed a bug (hopefully), where buildings sometimes wouldn’t show up on the HUD of the Engineer.
  • Self Boost on Hit Attribute
    • Added an option clamp to prevent weapons that have multiple hits from stacking and giving turbo launch power

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