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High power mode


  • Engineer, Medic, Heavy, Soldier
    • Added:
      • Voicelines when hurting and destroying a robot of the Sentry Buster class


  • High Power Mode
    • The opposite of Low Power Mode
    • Happens when there are not enough robots (nobody volunteering)
    • Scales down damage taken from robots
  • Boxing Champ
    • Changed:
      • Crouch dash activates mini-crits instead of crits
        • Being able to get free crit on a button press is very strong, with mini-crit there is more dodge possibilities for humans while keeping the snowball effect of the robot the same
  • Engineers
    • Added:
      • Missing damage penalty vs buildings on primary and secondaries
        • This was an oversight, but Engineers aren’t primarily used as sentry busters, but in theory they could if played right
  • Zonical
    • Removed:
      • Faster firing speed when deploying pistol
      • Faster reload time when deploying pistol
    • Added:
      • On Weapon Switch to Pistol: Mini-crits for 1.5 seconds
        • Effect looks like scout Hype effect
        • Sentries no longer mini-crits during this buff
      • -50% Clip size penalty
      • -50% damage vs buildings
      • +25% faster reload rate
      • 1000% faster sentry build rate
        • they build instantly
    • Changed:
      • Increased Fire rate penalty from -125% to -150% slower
      • +75% Damage Bonus to +125% damage bonus vs players
      • Reduced weapon spread bonus from +85% to +75% more accurate
      • Reduced building health bonus from +132% to +60% more
    • Added:
      • On Weapon Switch to Pistol: Hype cosmetic effect
    • This design is more in ligh with what the quickshot had in Creators.TF


  • Added robot difficulty tags. This is only used to make you randomly spawn as an easy robot when you are put on the robot team first. The robots have been marked internally as EASY, MEDIUM and HARD. What determines the difficulty is things you have to keep track of.
    • Example: Big Joey: EASY: You only point and shoot. Can get value doing anything really. Missing is not a big deal
      • Errors in play not that punishing
    • Example: Terminator: Medium: You can still play like normal, but you get the better results if you play a different way. Missing is somewhat a problem sometimes
      • Errors in play somewhat punishing
    • Example: Tone Technician: Hard: You have to play a very specific way or else you’re useless. Missing makes you basically useless
      • Errors in play severely punishing
  • Added additional logic checks to prevent errors in cases where a voiceline would try to play on a player that disconnected

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