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Liberty launcher tweak & teamporter qol


  • Medic
    • Syringe Gun
      • Changed:
        • Reduced uber gained on hit vs robots from a factor of 4 to a factor of 5.
          • This means that you will need to do 5 times the damage you normally would in regular Bmod to gain 25% uber on a robot
  • Sniper
    • Cozy Camper
      • Added:
        • +200% primary ammo
    • Huntsman
      • Removed:
        • Bleed on hit
  • Soldier
    • Liberty Launcher
      • Changed:
        • Reduced banner buff duration from 200% to 100% longer duration
      • Added:
        • +1 Clip size bonus
        • +50% clip size on shotguns
      • The Liberty Launcher had a very one dimensional use where you sacrificed damage in order to have longer banners and it didn’t combo with shotguns at all, now it can do a tiny bit more damage with the added clip size, in addition to buffing any shotgun the soldier will run, making shotgun loadouts more viable
  • Bleed and Fire
    • Added:
      • Now removes the stealthed condition on hit that Mr.Paladin and Cloaker provides
        • Since stealth is so strong, it needs to be easier to deal with as fire and bleed lasts shorter while stealthed. With this change Pyros and bleed users can counter this more easily. If Mr.Paladin gets a new stab he will be stealthed again even if he is already burning or bleeding and the same goes for Cloaker. If a robot stands in Cloakers buff radius they will be visible for a brief moment before being cloaked again


  • Kappy
    • Changed:
      • Increased projectile speed penalty from -30% to -35% slower
      • Increased turn rate of manually controlled rockets from 125* to 225*
    • Added:
      • +40% Faster Firing Speed Bonus
      • +2 clip size
      • -50% dmg penalty vs buildings
    • Removed:
      • +38% Damage bonus
  • Tanks
    • Changed:
      • Tanks now use the robot radio wave effect when stunned
  • Robot Engineers
    • Fixed a bug where robots that could build multiple sentries weren’t able to build multiple sentries
  • Mr. Paladin
    • Changed:
      • Reduced stealthed on kill buff duration from 10 to 5 seconds
        • Being able to kill while invisible is really strong, combined with how easy it is, the balance of how hard it is to do, vs the rewards and how hard it is to counter didn’t add up, thus the counter measures were added and the duration reduced, while still keeping it’s chain stab ability potent
  • Black Shiv
    • Fixed robot using incorrect footstep sounds
  • Teamporter
    • Added:
      • Teamporter now displays status of teamporters before 100% charge
        • This change gives robot players more information to take better decision wether to take the teamporter or walk out
  • EXEcuter
    • Changed:
      • Damage bonus to damage bonus vs. players
      • Reduced dmg penalty vs buildings from -75% to -50%
        • Now it’s consistent with the other tanks
  • Robot Category Change
    • Changed:
      • Builder -> Engineer
      • Free Support -> Sniper
      • Paid Support -> Spy
  • Funke, Carbine Cassidy, Big Joey, Rocketman, Spitfire, Crocotron, Huntsbot, Jbird,Sniper,Spaceguyonline, Shredder,Astrobot, HypeScout, Quick-shielder, Black shiv
    • Community:
      • Updated descriptions to be more accurate
        • Thanks to PizzaPasta for this


  • Renamed robot file names to better reflect how they are viewed in the robot selection menu

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