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Baseball goes bonk


  • Scout
    • All Guns:
      • 20% faster reload rate
    • Sandman Baseball:
      • Removed:
        • Less healing debuff on robots
      • Added:
        • On Hit: Target is disoriented
    • Wrap Assassin Ornament:
      • Changed:
        • Updated description to include bleed and debuff duration
        • Increased heal debuff duration from 0.5 to 5.0 seconds
    • Sun-on-a-stick:
      • Added:
        • Fire ball spell, 30 second cooldown
  • Soldier
    • Mantreads:
      • Added:
        • On Hit: Target is disoriented
        • +100% Damage bonus vs Robots
        • Missing chat description
      • Removed:
        • Healing debuff on robot
    • Gunboats:
      • Added:
        • No fall damage on wearer


  • Rocketman
    • Added:
      • Missing flamethrower speed stats
  • Terminator
    • Added:
      • Option to change target after 25 seconds have passed on current target
      • More logic to prevent audio from getting spammed
      • Penetrating Shots
      • Shots ignore resistances
    • Changed:
      • Will no longer target invalid targets, such as in spawn
      • If no targets are found, it will keep searching until valid target is found.
  • Fatmagic
    • Changed:
      • Fixed using incorrect chest cosmetic
  • Wrangler Bill & No Fungineer
    • Note:
      • The latest TF2 update changed how buildings are grouped, making the multiple buildings not work at the moment. No known workaround is known


  • Robot Sounds
    • Fixed:
      • A bug that caused robot engine sounds sometimes to be cancelled by the announcer
  • Spell Casting
    • Changed:
      • Increased the logic precision needed to throw spell, this “should” help with misfires, but no guarantees.

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