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Added !car command and robot cosmetic changes


  • Commands
    • Robots:
      • !car as addtional command in addition to !mount and !mt


  • Theory-Y
    • Changed:
      • Reduced health to 1500 to match the other medics
        • Health reduction was was just an oversight
  • Mortar Mack
    • Added:
      • Double Dog Dare Demo Pants Painted green
        • This should make this robot more destinguishable from the back, as he and another robot looked similar from behind
  • Executer, Equalizor, Hacker Slasher
    • Added:
      • Missing shake on step and shake on attack attribute
  • Grapplehook -> Black Shiv
    • Cosmetics:
      • Removed:
        • Batters Bracers, Caped Crusader, Arkham Cowl
      • Added:
        • Dashin’ Hasshashin, The Rogue Robe
  • Uber Flasher
    • Changed:
      • Reduced bonus uber rate from +50% to +40% faster

Robot Roster

  • Removed
    • Bumper
      • In addition to being really bad, the halloween cart was buggy and didn’t allow for players to suicide. Making you potentially stuck forever as this robot of a human pyro repeat airblasted you against a wall.

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