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Spy buffs and quality of life changes


  • Spy
    • Backstab:
      • Removed:
        • Really loud backstab sound
          • Further gameplay has shown that if the robots get a too clear indication of getting backstab, spies become essentially useless, as spy is a class that feeds of chaos so he should be able to get value out of this here as well
      • Added:
        • Gain Mvm No crit defense buff for 2 seconds on backstab
    • Kunai:
      • Changed:
        • Increased max overheal from 210 to 275 hp on robot backstab
    • Spycicle:
      • Removed:
        • Slow on backstab
      • Added:
        • Applies -30% damage penalty on backstab that lasts 3 seconds.
    • Tip:
      • Fixed spy teamporter tip not displaying
  • Scout
    • Bat:
      • Fixed an incosistency in the logic where the buff would get applied to other weapons when only switching the bat
  • Engineer
    • Gunslinger:
      • Removed:
        • Additional sentry


  • Mount Command
    • The command !mt now only spawns the bumper car to be consistent with animation start and end times.
  • Saxtron Hale
    • Changed:
      • Reduced health from 6500 to 4500
        • Saxtron Hale remains one of the most disruptive bosses, gaining a tremendous amount of value in terms of mobility and the stun mechanic can really cripple a team without much effort from the boss, leaving little counter play. The less health should more sync up with his cost and overall speed
  • Hoovy
    • Changed:
      • Reduced move speed bonus from +35% to +30% faster
        • The Hoovy offered a way too easy way to chain stun targets in certain areas, with this lower move speed he now has the same speed as a steak buffed heavy
  • Snipers
    • Changed:
      • Reduced health from 2000 to 1250
    • Removed:
      • Jump height bonus
    • Added:
      • Blast Jump Spell - 50 second cooldown
    • Now that players have actually learned to play the robot snipers, they are now reverted back to their original design, only with a low mobility spell to allow them to get to some hard to reach spots, however this can now only be done once 50 seconds, giving disruptive players a chance to harass or force the snipers to relocate
  • Dr. GrordBot
    • Changed:
      • Reduced unintended damage bonus from +25% to -20%
      • Increased spell cooldown from 25 to 45 seconds
  • Back Up
    • Changed:
      • Bufftype from Battalions backup to MvM verison that don’t have reistances to crit
        • This is to be more consistent with MvM logic, this bot was also a menace with how health stacking works for robots here and offered way too much sustain compared to the cost and risk of running him, and there was literllay no counterplay, at least now you can crit focus them down


  • Spell casting
    • Made a custom attribute for spell casting halloween spells
  • Boss Sound
    • Added further logic checks to prevent the music to be played twice

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