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Updating robot descriptions & tips

Important Changes

  • All Tanks
    • Added:
      • “You can’t contest objectives” to each tank that didn’t have the message in tips
  • All Robot Pyros w/ Airblast Heals
    • Added:
      • Now shows how much health you heal per extinguish in tips
  • Mecha Face
    • Changed:
      • Description and tips now properly reflect the robot
  • Rocket Man
    • Fixed:
      • Description no longer takes up two lines on the robot select menu
  • Solarlight
    • Fixed:
      • Changed name to remove the annoying space between “Solar” and “light”
        • It really annoyed me that much. -PizzaPasta
  • BazookaJoe2002
    • Added:
      • Now has proper robot tips
  • Other description and/or tip changes for the following bots

    • Big Joey, HiGPS, Rocket Man, Volcanyro, Hoovy, Funke, Uncle Dane, Wrangler Bill, Fatmagic, Carbine Cassidy, Equalizor, Array Seven, Crockotron, Robo-Knight, Solarlight, Bearded Expense, Laugh Extractor, Sultan, Bursty, Jouleson, Rager, Ubermachine, Hacked Slasher, Nofungineer, Quick-Shielder, Blastinator, Pilgrim, Saxtron H4l3, Demopan, and Sergeant Stickler

    • Changes include improved wording, adding some advice, and cleaning up out-of-date stats

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