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Audio fix pyro tweaks and kappy nerf


  • Bugfix
    • Audio:
      • Fixed a bug where the boss music would play twice when a boss spawned
      • Fixed a bug where round start theme and tank theme would get cancelled by someone chatting

Human Balance

  • Pyro
    • Powerjack
      • Changed:
        • Increased heal on hit from 25 to 50

Robot Balance

  • Kappy
    • Changed:
      • Only Remote Control Mode is toggled with +attack2
      • Third person mode is now toggled with +use and +attack3
        • This allows players the option to be first person when controling the rockets
      • Rockets are now controled using movement keys instead of the mouse
        • This makes rockets harder to control, making it a skill to be good with it. As previously using the mouse was extremely easy
      • Increased damage bonus from +30% to +38% damage done
        • A direct hit will deal 124 hp
      • Reduced rocket speed to from +10% faster to -30% slower
      • Reduced reload rate from +25% faster to -50% slower
      • Increased blast radius from +25% to +50% larger
      • Reduced health from 3800 to 2000
      • Reduced move speed penalty from -40% to -50% slower
  • Wamo
    • Manmelter:
    • Added:
      • Extinguishes now restore 200 HP instead of 20
  • Rocket Man
    • Added:
      • Extinguish restores 175 HP
  • Laugh Extractor
    • Changed:
      • Flamethrower to Backburner
        • Added:
          • Extinguish restores 250 HP
  • Agro
    • Changed:
      • Reduced Damage bonus vs players from +35% to +25%
      • Reduced extinguish health restored from 250 to 200

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