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Human buffs prior to the big update!

Human Balance

  • Sniper
    • Bazaar Bargain
      • All heads are set to 0 upon body shot
        • The Bazaar Bargain was easily the best sniper weapon in this mode. Now it’s more punishing if you miss in a way that matters
  • Soldier
    • The Air Strike
      • Gain 1 clip pr 600 damage you do against robots
    • Cow Mangler 5000
      • Now counts as electric, charge shot deals more slow than normal attack
    • The Black Box
      • +25% larger explosion radius
    • The Beggars Bazooka
      • +15% move speed while active
    • The Liberty Launcher
      • +25% longer banner duration
    • Rocket Launcher
      • +25% faster global weapon switch speed
  • Electric Weapons
    • Slows robots by -75% move speed on hit for 0.6 seconds

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