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Human spy teamport usage and further robot medic tweaks


  • Spy
    • Can now use teamporters when touching enemy spawn
      • This is map dependent as sometimes you can’t access the zone unless the door is open, this will need more testing and feedback


  • General Crits
    • Changed:
      • Reduced height from 1.95 to 1.75
  • Wrangler Bill
    • Changed:
      • Reduced amount of dispensers from 3 to 1
      • As we get more streamlined with the classes, free engineers should be limited to 1 dispenser only, while paid ones can have more
  • Equalizor
    • Added:
      • -70% damage done to buildings
    • Removed:
      • Battalion’s Backup
        • This tank was able to tank even more with the increase in health, while being faster, and unable to get airblasted and able to jump and being able to use the parachute made this tank the best one with little to no counter play
  • Gnome
    • Changed:
      • Type: Free to Paid, costs 1 RC
      • Can build 2 dispensers
  • Robot Medics
    • Removed:
      • 2x bonus heal modifier
    • Added:
      • -10% Slower move speed
        • Robot medics have been mostly untouched, the preivous patch made them very mobile, but they shouldn’t be as fast as regular medics, so a slight move speed penalty was added. The additional heal was also removed to give a standardized healrate that’s identical to human healing.
  • Dr Crossbow Cop
    • Removed:
      • Melee Crosbow
      • Crossbow cop is one of the stronger medic bots, it doesn’t make sense that he should be good at long and close range, with this close range harassers can do more in melee range as the crossbows will be harder to hit up close from the increased height angle

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