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New autobalance system


  • Player Balance
    • Removed:
      • Getting autobalanced as Robot
        • Players who become a robot will stay robot the entire game
    • Added:
      • Low Power mode:
        • Robots will take addtional damage if the ratio of robots to humans is in robots favor
        • Damage taken by robots increases by the amount of human player missing
          • Examples:
            • 6 Robots vs 10 Humans: Robots take 60% additional damage
            • 6 Robots vs 1 Human: Robots take 1500% addtional damage
        • Message will be displayed when the damage modifier changes
    • This was added as a result of sometimes players getting robbed of playing a robot and losing their Queue Points, this is a very experimental setting so the damage calculation may not be entirely correct, we will have to see how this affects the gameplay. Now you are guaranteed to play a robot until you unvolunteer yourself or leave. Post any bugs, glitches or exploits in the discord if you find any


  • Demoman
    • Damage Buff
      • Changed:
        • Damage Bonus on hit decays 50% slower than before.


  • Commander Crocket
    • Changed:
      • Increased RC cost from 4 to 8 per robot
    • Removed:
      • Being unable to be healed
  • Cloaker
    • Changed:
      • Reduced RC cost from 1.5 to 1.25 per robot
  • Captain Concho, Buff Bot, Back Up
    • Changed:
      • Increased RC cost from 1.5 to 2 per robot
  • All Tanks
    • Removed:
      • Batallions Backup - Take Crit Damage Buff
    • Added:
      • +2000 Health to compensate for removal damage penalty
        • This is less effective health than they’ve had before, meaning this is a nerf to all tanks tankyness
  • Bearded Expense
    • Removed:
      • Air Control Bonus
    • Changed:
      • Increased taunt jump force from 350 to 380
    • The air control gave some unintended side effects of players being able to use regular jumps to do a jump tech to gain more speed than normal walking, as Bearded has a jump and an AOE explosion on stomp and crazy snowball potential, he doesn’t need this tech in addtion, this tech will be moved over to a new potential robot instead
  • Gotham Protector
    • Removed:
      • +50% critical resistance
  • Saxtron Hale
    • Added:
      • Takes no fall damage
    • Changed:
      • Saxtron Stun:
        • No longer activated by taunt
        • Activated on reload or attack3
  • Grapple Hook
    • Changed:
      • Increased health from 1750 to 2250
      • Increased health on sap from 25 to 50
  • Hacked Slashes
    • Bugfix:
      • Fixed a bug where after a charge, hacked slasher would sometimes move at mach speeds for varied amounts of time.

Robots Removed from roster

  • Bread Virus
    • This robot served no real purpose with it’s kit as it was too hard to really do anything with it
  • Shogun
    • This robot’s design was to close to other disruptors who just did the job better, no interesting playstyle for this one
  • Mystery Machine
    • An anti sentry robot who was made obsolete with other sentry busting type robots who were more fun to play
  • Mini Sentry Buster
    • A pick robot with little to no counter play, also served no purpose than a massive cheese factor
  • Mini Medic
    • Hardly ever picked and doesn’t really fit the theme, was also bugged for some players for some reason

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