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Bonkscout nerf, human soldier buff


  • Bonk Scout
    • Changed:
      • Reduced amount of baseballs from 30 to 8
      • Reduced recharge bonus from +90% to +80% faster
        • Bonk Scout has been very good for a long time, with the insane amount of baseballs offered little counterplay for humans caught in the range, as there was no escape, with less baseballs to stock up on it offers more counterplay while Bonk Scout can still kill if he spends the entire ball clip on a target
  • Sentro
    • Temporarily removed from roster until Medigun AOE healing Uber gets fixed


  • Soldier
    • Beggars Bazooka
      • Removed:
        • +15% faster move speed
      • Added:
        • +2 clip size
        • Up to +60% faster firing speed based on remaining health
    • Rocket Launcher
      • Changed:
        • Increased blast radius bonus from +30% to +50%


  • Increased net chan limit (again)
    • Increased net chan limit, this should prevent players from getting kicked by the system when changing robots sometimes.

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