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Bugfixes for new attribute

Human Balance

  • Sniper
    • SMG
      • Removed:
        • Stun on hit
      • Added:
        • Speed Boost on hit
    • Razorback
      • Added:
        • On Backstab: Stuns robots and instantly recharges
        • +50% melee damage reistance

Robot Balance

  • Robo Knight
    • Changed:
      • Reduced damage bonus from +40% to +30%
      • Reduced charge speed from 750 to 550 speedpower
    • Removed:
      • Health on kill


  • Fixed a bug where robots would get their buffs at incorrect times
    • Wamo uber taunt extension, medics suddenly getting over healed at random
  • Fixed a bug where tanks didn’t always get the correct buffs
    • There’s still a bug of not getting the mvm buff if switching from tank to tank while alive in spawn, this is fixed by changing to a non-tank and back. Has to do with how the condition is applied in TF2