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Tank standardisation and sentry buster buff


  • Reduced audio spawn sound on robots:
    • Robot should now only make noise first time they spawn and each time they change robot

Robot Balance


  • Loch-n-Larry, Bursty, Mystery Machine, Sentry Buster
    • Changed:
      • Robot Category name to be easier to find
  • Sentry Buster
    • Changed:
      • Reduced arm time from 2 to 1 second
    • Added:
      • On Spawn: Permanently outline all enemy sentries (this effect lasts until the sentry is destroyed, picking it up and putting it down still leaves the outline)
  • Tanks
    • Changed:
      • Tanks now have the MVM defense buff
      • Tanks now have 100% increased damage taken from melee
    • This is to standardize the tanks to be easierly visible and have the same weaknesses
  • Bosses
    • Added:
      • No longer able to capture or contest control points
  • Sensor Armstrong
    • Changed:
      • Increased health from 6500 to 7500
        • Being a really weak tank and paid, he needed more tankyness similar to Pan Cop
  • Gotham Protector
    • Changed:
      • Updated robot tips to be more accurate of his abilities

Human Balance


  • Engineer
    • Changed:
      • Frontier justice no longer needed to build assists on a gun
        • This makes it so if you have a sentry that’s done a lot of damage, you can swap to the frontier justice as you would do in a normal TF2 game, thus toolboxing it. This was introduced in a previous patch, but was not documented