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Robot knight nerfs, queue points and new robots


  • Added additional commands
    • !join /join sm_join to volunteer to be a robot
    • !bot /bot sm_bot to change robot
  • Various optimizations in regards to custom attributes

Robot Balance

Riot Cop

  • Changed:
    • Surpress Riot buff duration increased from 6.5 to 8 seconds


  • Added:
    • -10% move speed penalty
    • Proper description when you spawn as b4nny
  • Removed:
    • Weapon Accuracy bonus
    • Weapon fire rate bonus
  • Changed:
    • Reduced damage bonus from +30% to +15%
  • b4nny is a bot that is tricky to balance as his speed vs power is eaither too good or too bad to be viable, this change should make him better and easier to countereven if the player isn’t the best


  • Added:
    • Added missing ammo regen attribute
    • not that you’d run out of the 200 reserve ammo though

Fat Magic

  • Changed:
    • Increased jump hiehgt from -20% to +25%
  • Removed:
    • Bushwacka damage vulnerability


  • Changed:
    • Fired machina round tracer to transparent type
    • being a sniper on the robot team is hard, and doesn’t need huge lines to show where he is at all times while being unable to move while scoped

Robot Knight

  • Changed:
    • Reduced damage bonus from +80% to +35%
  • Removed:
    • 200% turn control while charging
  • Added:
    • +15% faster attack speed
  • Roboknight was too OP after the last patch which was entirely community suggested. I’ve toned down his insane mobility and damage and given him more counterplay as it no longer requires 4+ turtle engineers to stop a good demoknight player


  • Changed:
    • Reduced cooldown of shadow leap from 4 to 3 seconds

Mortar Mack

  • Changed:
    • Grenade launcher to a green war paint
      • this is to be correct with the notion that green robots are long range
    • Reduced random angle spread from 10* to 8*
    • Reduced smaller blast radius penalty from -50% to -25%

Agro & Wamo

  • Changed:
    • Temporarily removed robot flame thrower sounds as it caused issues with switching weapons sometimes


  • Changed:
    • Reduced explosive blast from 65 to 30 damage
    • Increased number of projectiles from 3 to 6
    • Projectiles now shoot 360* from the target

Bonk Scout

  • Added:
    • -75% damage done to buildings

New Robots


  • Class: Pyro
  • Role: Damage
  • Sub-Role: Flames
  • HP: 2500
  • Movespeed -25%
  • Weapon
    • Dragon’s Shotgun
      • +20% more damage done to players
      • +15% faster firing speed
      • Bullets penetrate targets
      • +20% faster reload
      • +25% more accurate
      • On hit: Set target on fire
      • Mini-crits burning targets
      • -60% damage done to buildings
  • Cost: Free
  • This robot combo really well with Agro and Wamo’s homing projectiles. While it may seem this shotgun is nutty, it has to reload one bullet at a time, and since it’s hitscan it’s easy to dodge while upclose. This robot has a limited time of DPS compared to other flame type robots. Suggested by: PizzaPasta


  • Class: Sniper
  • Role: Support
  • Sub-Role: Hitscan
  • HP: 1250
  • Movespeed -30%
  • Weapon
    • Knockback Classic
      • +50% faster reload
      • No flinching while fully charge
      • -100% move speed while charging a shot
      • -45% damage done to buildings
      • On Hit: Heal 15 HP
      • On Hit: Apply Knockback - affected by damage done
  • Cost: Free
  • This robot makes an interesting disrupotor type sniper, without being a disrupotor since the sniper isn’t present where the disruption happens. This weaker, but faster rifle will be able to knock around human players to force them out of position. The lack of other weapons and low health pool makes this robot especially weak to spy harrasment. Suggested by: The Pipe Toad Council

Boxing Champ

  • Class: Heavy
  • Role: Damage
  • Sub-Role: Melee
  • HP: 3000
  • Movespeed +30%
  • Weapon
    • Killing gloves of boxing
      • +30% damage to players
      • On Kill: Crit boost for 180 seconds
      • +75% melee damage resistance
      • -75% damage to buildings
  • Cost: Free
  • This robot is added to give more variety to the melee robots. He’s like a less tanky, but faster version of Bearded Expense, with no sustain. Requires one kill to get going, with his low health pool he can get focused before he does too much damage. Move speed is that of a buffalo steak heavy

Bat Attack

  • Class: Scout
  • Role: Damage
  • Sub-Role: Melee
  • HP: 1250
  • Movespeed +25%
  • Jump Height: +50%
  • Airblast Vulnerability: +35%
  • Weapon
    • Bat
      • +75% damage to players
      • -75% damage to buildings
  • Cost: Free
  • Another fast robot was needed for when robots need to cap or occupy some space real quick. This is just a really fast bat scout that does OK damage, but is easily stopped by airblast and focus fire


  • Class: Demoman
  • Role: Damage
  • Sub-Role: Grenades
  • HP: 3000
  • Movespeed -50%
  • Weapon
    • Big Grenade Launcher
      • +75% larger grenades
      • +75% larger explosion radius
      • +75% faster projectile speed
      • +2 Clip size bonus
      • 20% faster reload
      • Reloads full clip at once
      • -60% damage vs buildings
  • Cost: Free
  • We needed a basic and good grenade launcher robot that wasn’t a hybrid class and didn’t use iron bomber, so we ended on this one


  • Class: Pyro
  • Role: Damage
  • Sub-Role: Flames
  • HP: 1750
  • Movespeed -10%
  • Weapons
    • Long Range Backburner
      • 30% damage vs players
      • +85% more consentrated flames
      • +45% larger flames
      • +660% faster flame traveling speed
      • +1000% increased airblast cost (200 ammo)
      • -50% damage done to buildings
  • Cost: Free
  • Trying out a new concept with this one, it has longer range than the dragon’s fury but doesn’t deal the same damage. The faster move speed is to help with flanking, but we’ll have to see how this plays. I’m not sure how good this one will be until it’s played by and against humans

Sergeant Whips

  • Class: Soldier
  • Role: Damage
  • Sub-Role: Melee
  • HP: 2000
  • Movespeed -10%
  • Weapons
    • Mini-Crit Whip
      • +25% damage to players
      • +75% longer melee range
      • On Kill: Heal 200 HP
      • On Teammate hit: Mini-Crit buff for teammate and yourself for 6 seconds
  • Cost: Free
  • Very experimental robot this one, I just want to see if a constant buff type melee robot hybrid is viable or not, as I wanted to add a new and unique melee robot that was a soldier

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