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Necromancer spy boss, crit banner soldier boss, buffs to weak robots

Human Balance


  • Mini-crit taunt is now applied when doing the taunt, not at the end of it
    • This should fix the issue of any taunt enabling it

Robot Balance

Dr Crossbow Cop

  • Added:
    • Now applies strength run on himself as well

Sergeant Crits

  • Changed:
    • Increased firing speed bonus on lower health from +80% to +85% faster


  • Changed:
    • Reduced reload speed from +25% faster to -75% slower
  • Added:
    • Reloads full clip at once Dreysidel remains unused and underwhelming, now with the rapid reload you can more easily trap areas


  • Changed:
    • Removed: Move speed penalty, now moves at the speed of a normal scout B4nny has been in a few spots where’s been either too good or too bad. In this instance he’s more of a glass cannon that plays close to a scout, we will have to see how much this impacts his gameplay as he can get airblasted fairly easy by pyros due to being a lightweight


  • Changed:
    • Updated ingame description to better describe the robot ability
    • Reduced firing penalty on Fired Rocket Launcher firing speed from -20% to -10% slower firing speed Shounic was a bit underwhelming, but with this 10% increase in firing speed, it should increase the overall power since you can have quite the amount of rocket launchers in the air at once


  • Changed:
    • Reduced size from +65% to +50% larger
    • Increased movespeed bonus from +10% to +35% Hoovy remains one of those bots that hardly sees any use outside of very specific counters, and even in those situations other robots can do what he does better, this increase in movespeed should allow him to be more disruptive and less commital


  • Removed:
    • Clipsize penalty
  • Changed:
    • Reduced firing speed penalty from +150% slower +50% slower
    • Zonical being so bad at launch needed a buff to make him able to deal more mid range damage with his gimmic compared to the power of other more easily used engineer bots


  • Changed:
    • Updated ingame description to be more accurate of the robots abilities
  • Removed:
    • Equalizer’s healing from healbeam penalty
    • Equalizor remains to be one of the more creative tanks we have, but the fact hardly getting any heal and being a banner based tank made him die often before getting the value out of the banner


  • Changed:
    • Reduced reload penalty from +150% to +50% slower
    • Increased fire speed bonus from +60% to +75% faster
    • Increased the faster sticky charge time from +90% to +95%
    • Quickler had the wrong stats and was therefore not good compared to the cost

Mystery Machine

  • Added:
    • +25% damage bonus
  • Changed:
    • Increased accuracy bonus from +25% to +75% more accurate
    • Mystery Machine remained a hardly used robot due to how little value you got from him due to his low health pool. Going more the glass cannon approach and the increase in damage should help him destroy sentries that’s far away, making him a decent sentry buster like the rest


  • Removed from roster:
  • Bot father didn’t really play that well compared to other heavies

Dr Livesey

  • Temporarily removed from roster as we fix the crashing issues his chadness caused by being too much of a chad


Robot on human team

  • Bugfix:
    • Fixed one of the glitches where someone could become a robot on the human team. It should now not be possible to be a robot on the human team (challenge accepted?)

Sentry Buster

  • Bugfix:
    • Fixed a visual glitch where the caber would show up under the sentry buster’s robotic ass

New Robots


  • Class: Engineer
  • Role: Builder
  • HP: 1250
  • Movespeed -25%
  • Weapons
    • Cancer Pomson 600.
      • 100% damage bonus
      • Subtract medigun uber on hit: -100%
      • Subtract cloak on hit: -100%
    • OP Short Circuit
      • 200% damage bonus
    • Gunslinger
      • 25% damage bonus
  • Cost: 2 per robot
  • This robot is the bane of existence, humans will cry if this robot enters the field. Or just kill him, he doesn’t have much health


  • Class: Spy
  • Role: ZBOSS
  • Subrole: Melee
  • HP: 6500
  • Movespeed: Regular Spy speed
  • Weapons
    • Perma Crit Wanga Prick
      • Provides constant spy sprint
    • Sapper
    • Infinite Invis Watch
      • Instant decloak
    • Ability: Raise 3 Skeletons
      • Each human killed by a robot gains a soul
      • Requires 3 souls to fill
      • No cooldown or max limit on skeletons
      • Use Reload or Special Attack to activate the skill
  • Cost: 2 Boss Coins + 1.5 Robot Coins pr robot present
  • The necromancer bot enters the roster, he may be shit though, we’ll have to see

Corporal Crocket

  • Class: Soldier
  • Role: ZBOSS
  • Subrole: Rockets
  • HP: 5800
  • Movespeed: -50%
  • Weapons
    • Perma Crit Original
      • +4 bonus clip size
      • Reloads full clip at once
      • +75% slower reload
    • Crit Buff Banner
      • Provides crit instead of mini-crit buff to teammates
  • Cost: 2 Boss Coins + 2.5 Robot Coins pr robot present
  • As an alternative to Sergeant Crits, this one will crit buff the entire team, however the banner lasts the same amount of time as the regular buff banner, meaning this boss will have to micromanage building banner and using it near teammates

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