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More robots!


+ Reduced Robo-coin cost pr human from 4 to 3 and is now the cheapest boss

Mystery Machine

+ Added: Wave dash ability, use reload, special3 or use key to speed boost fall to the ground
Wave dash costs 5% cloak, can be spammed for schmovement (no guarantees it'll be good)


Renamed to Samur-A.I.

New Robots:

Bot Father

Class: Heavy
Type: Damage
Weapons: Family Business, Eviction Notice
HP: 3000
Movespeed: -20% (normal robot is -50%)


Class: Demoknight TF2
Type: Tank
Weapons: Eyelander, Chargin' Targe (very long charge, slow turn speed)
HP: 3300

Do join the discord if you haven’t already!!