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Cleaver and phlogistinator changes



  • Added:
    • -50% damage penalty to buildings


  • Removed:
    • Bleed crit combo mechanic
    • Set damage of 70
  • Reverted to vanilla:
    • Damage & Bleed on hit
  • Changed:
    • Increased recharge penalty from -40% to -70%
      • This is to compensate for it’s combined spammability with the wrap assassin and higher damage

Missing patch notes from previous patch

Eviction Notice

  • Reverted to Vanilla
  • Added missing patch note:
    • This weapon holsters and deploys 40% faster

Hot Hand

  • Added:
    • This weapon deploys 50% faster

Server #1 mapcycle

  • Added: koth_shorelight
  • Removed: koth_daenam

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