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Sword buffs with syringe gun tweak


  • Syringe Gun
    • Added:
      • HUD displaying when next charge gets added
    • Changed:
      • Reduced damage needed from 100 to 40 to gain the 15%
  • The Claidheamh Mòr
    • Added:
      • +25% increase in self push force
    • Changed:
      • Max Health penalty penalty applies all the time
      • Increased max health penalty from -10 to -15
    • This is to further enhance the “increased range” for mobility options for demo regardless of item combination. For now this attribute doesn’t require the weapon to be active, as the downside is also constantly present.
  • Persian Persuader
    • Added:
      • On Hit: +25% faster reloadspeed for 10 seconds
    • This is to keep with the theme to increased tempo as it does with charge recharge

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