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Goodbye faster huntsman arrow speed

Balancemod Balance Changes

Sharpened Volcano Fragment

  • Changed:
    • Reduced damage from explosion from 45 to 35
      • This reduction makes it so you can’t puff and sting one-shot 125 HP Classes anymore
    • Updated the web-site description to match the weapon stats.

Thermal Thruster

  • Removed:
    • Faster recharge time bonus
      • The faster recharge time made this weapon very obnoxious to deal with, with little counter play. With the lowered holstering time, this weapon is good enough to get decent value from on bombs


  • Removed:
    • Faster projectile speed
      • This faster speed made the weapon too easy to hit stuff with, so it has been removed
  • Added:
    • +15% faster reload speed
      • While the Huntsman is not good in open spaces and is very inconsistent, being able to shoot more arrows will allow you to hit more to better deal with it’s inconsistency

Solemn Vow

  • Changed:
    • Reduced healing bonus from +50% to +25%

Chargin Targe

  • Removed:
    • +30% sentry gun resistance

Splendid Screen

  • Removed:
    • +10% sentry gun resistance

Tide Turner

  • Removed:
    • 10% faster recharge time

Boot Legger & Weebooties

  • Added:
    • +30% sentry gun resistance
      • This change was suggested by some compentitive players. By moving the resistance to the shoes they are buffing the sentry tankyness of demoknights ore, as well as increasing the usability for stickybomb launcher shoe combo, which isn’t that much used


  • Removed:
    • Razorback break ability
      • This ability was a left over from long ago where this weapon didn’t really have a place. With the slight increase in disguise shot and blink time reduction, this weapon servers a purpose that is general for the spy


  • Reverted back to vanilla:
    • Reduced Quad jump back to Triple Jump


  • Added:
    • -25% damage penalty
      • With the fix to the deployment and holstering speeds, this weapon became a better flamethrower as afterburn isn’t really an issue against better players. This overall damage nerf makes it so that it will lose to all other pyros in a WM1 battle, which previously was even. Now it focuses on comboing with other weapons more than being able to just WM1 just as well as other flamethrowers

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