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Balancemod: spy jump height while cloaked, vaccinator changes

Balancemod Balance Changes

Invis Watch & Cloak & Dagger **

  • Added:
    • +15% jump height while cloaked
      • We are fairly certain that this will break spy in some regard, but it’s worth testing to see how spy being able to jump over enemies changes how powerful spy is, there’s probably many unforseen consequences to this, which we hope will experience


  • Changed:
    • Fixed uberbuildrate value being incorrectly shown on stat pages
    • Reduced overheal healrate penalty from -50% to -40% The vaccinator is supposedly underpowered with the reduction of 2 charges instead of 4, increasing the amount of heal it does to overhealed teammates should help with this

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**Experimental change, that is not likely to last long