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Further pyro tweaks

Third Degree

- Removed: Debuff and buff steal/copy ability
+ Added: 75% more healing from healbeams while active

Sharpened Volcano Fragment

- Changed: Reduced on hit damage to -85%
+ Changed: Increased explosion damage from 10 to 45 to compensate for reduced on hit damage
- Changed: Reduced explosion radius from 500 HU to 250 HU (now matches visual effect)


- Removed: Increased health restored with extinguished teammates (as it didn't actually work because this stupid thing is hard coded)

Hot Hand

- Removed: While active: 15% faster move speed on wearer
+ Removed: While active: +20% damage vulnerability
+ Added: While active: When hit by fire, gain 75% fire resistance for 2 seconds
+ Changed: Increased speed boost on hit from 1 to 3 seconds

Neon Annihilator

+ Removed: -20% damage penalty vs players

Fire Axe, & all-class melee unlocks for Pyro

- Removed: Does crits while rocket jumping
+ Added: +15% faster swing speed

Back Scratcher

+ Changed: Increased damage from +25% to +35%

Note on Fire-Axe an Back Scratcher

The fire-axe and back scratcher are now both damage dealing melee's that can't be gimped by extinguished enemies.
The Back Scratcher buff interraction changed (unhealed):
125 HP - Dies in 2 hits (unchanged)
175 HP - Dies in 2 hits instead of 3
200 HP - Dies in 3 hits (unchanged)
300 HP - Dies in 4 hits (unchanged)

Detonator & Scorch shot

+ Changed: Reduced afterburn damage penalty from -50% to -25% (from 2 to 3 damage pr tick)


+ Removed: 3 Heads cap and Taking heads no longer heals nerfs
Note: This has been in Bmod for a while, just was never documented as the plugin itself just stopped working after a TF2 update and I was not able to fix it


+ Added: The baseball Now mini-crits targets that are rocket jumping

Exploit fix

Fixed an exploit where huntsman sniper could run at full speed while charging a shot fully.

Mapcycle for #1 servers

Removed: cp_mountainlab, cp_mossrock, cp_badlands, cp_granary, cp_foundry, cp_metalworks, koth_highpass, koth_lakeside_final
Added: pl_stallberg, pl_rustbelt, pl_vigil, pl_badcoastbarnward, cp_osiris, koth_daenam, 

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