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Balancemod: hot hand tweak, downed voice lines

Balancemod Balance Changes

Hot Hand

  • Removed:
    • Removed: Fire resistance while active when lit on fire
  • Added:
    • Extinguishes teamamtes on hit and heals 20 HP

Custom Attributes

  • Converted several features to use custom attributes, this changes nothing to the players, but allows for better compatibility and scalability.
  • Cleaned up several plugins be more optimized.


New command

  • Added: Heavy, Medic, Soldier and Medic can use to trigger the MvM voiceline of the class getting downed.
  • Kills and assists both allow this call out
  • Can only be called once per kill/assist
  • Command
    • console: sm_down
    • display in chat: !down
    • hide in chat: /down

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