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Balancemod: eviction notice tweak, fan'o war bugfix

Balancemod Balance Changes

Eviction Notice

  • Removed:
    • Faster holster and deploy bonus
  • Added:
    • On Deploy: 1 second of speed boost
    • On Deploy: 5 second cooldown between speedboost uses
      • The eviction notice has been in a place where it’s been hovering between worse than GRU and better than GRU without really doing the part where it’s supposed to do short range movement options more viable. With the now faster regen and the speed boost, it should help in short burst areas where you trade off 20 hp for a small speed boost that could land you additional speed.

Fan’o War

  • Bugfix:
    • Fixed a bug where it would deal mini-crits instead of normal damage when applying the debuff.

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