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Balancemod: cowmangler revert, bushwacka and shahanshah

Balancemod Balance Changes

Cow Mangler

  • Changed:
    • Reverted back to vanilla

Liberty Launcher

  • Added:
    • 10% faster reload speed The Liberty Launcher has been in a spot where it has been almost good for some time, if the damage penalty is lowered any more it will be a straight upgrade to stock, however a small reload speed increase should help the barrage potential with this weapon as you will fire a lot of rockets doing less damage. We will have to see if this makes the weapon too good or not.


  • Removed:
    • +20% longer melee range
      • It got this stat as a result of following the same balancing rules as swords, with slower deploy has longer range, however it hardly ever mattered, so it has been removed


  • Removed:
    • -20% slower firing speed
      • The interraction change is signifigant enough that it takes 2 additional swings to kill 125hp class at over half health, and it takes 3 instead of 4 swings to kill a 175hp class at below half health, the slower swing speed didn’t really matter in this case as well, so it was removed

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