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Pyro patch for 22 april 2022


+ Reverted to Vanilla

Hot Hand:

+ Reduced damage vulnerability from -30% to -20% to match vanilla Powerjack

Gas Passer

Bugfix: Fixed a bug where Gas Passer could build meter off itself. Chaining gas passer into gas passer is no longer possible.

Fire Axe & All-class melee unlock for Pyro

- Removed: Fire resistance and mini-crit when lit on fire
+ Added (Experimental): Can now market garden (only works with thermal thruster and reflect rocket jumps)


+ Changed: Increased health restored with extinguished teammates from 20 to 40

Sharpened Volcano Fragment

+ Added: On targets on fire hit: Spawns 3 dragon's fury projectiles in the direction the pyro is looking from the victim
- Changed: Reduced burn time from 5 to 3 seconds
- Changed: Reduced explosion damage from 50 to 10
- Bugfix: Explosion can no longer trigger through walls

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