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Manned machines
Here's some basic information on the manned machines gamemode
To view the code of all the robots see here
This mod uses an assetpack to fix robot animations, cosmetic clipping issues, as well as adding custom voicelines. Download it here: here
Place it in your tf/custom folder, if you have no custom folder, simply create it.
If have an older version of the fixes, you can delete the older version.
We run some of these: custom maps
Chat Commands
Robot Chat Commands:
  1. When on the robot team, type !cr or !changerobot in chat to open the robot menu. Robots are organized by their Robot Coin cost & their Robot Type.
Human Chat Commands:
  1. Coming soon!
Manned Machines Map Changes:
All Engineers can build in more places, including spawn rooms and many previously inaccessible rooftops on some of your favorite maps!

Extra routes have been added in places for flanking, and doorways have expanded to have robots fit through!

General Weapon Changes
All weapon changes from are present in Manned Machines. If you want to see the full list of changes, click here!

All Engineers can now build Engi-Pads instead of regular Teleporters. Use +attack3 or your +reload command to activate Engi-Pads. This should give you an in-game notification that Engi-Pads are ENABLED or DISABLED . To build one, simply place a Teleporter Entrance or Exit when Engi-Pads are enabled. You can rotate the Teleporter to alternate between the Speed Pad and Jump Pad. For a video demonstration, click here!


The squishy fleshy meatbags
Human Team Changes
Sometimes 35 damage isn't enough
  • Respawn time set to 6 seconds. You will respawn shortly after the killcam ends.

  • All weapons deal +25% damage to all robots. This does NOT include Engineer buildings!

  • All Miniguns deal -20% damage to all robots.

  • Instead of killing them instantly, backstabs deal high damage to robots. Robots cannot be sapped by any Sapper.

Human Team Strategy
Think of it as MvM! There are giant robots everywhere and there is that one guy who bought jump height!
Robots are slow and cannot contest several different areas at once. This means you can outrange the robots and force them into positions that are disadvantageous.

Working together with your teammates is the best strategy for taking down the robots. You can’t reliably beat any robot all by yourself!

Most robots deal reduced damage to buildings. Engineers can use their buildings to provide safe zones for their teammates and reliable damage against robots. Don’t be afraid to use Level 3 Sentries on Offense!

Since Robots cannot chase, you can just run by them and attack from behind. Some Engineers may prefer to place a Teleporter behind them as well!


Our new mechanical overlords
Robot Types
Each robot has a unique type with different weapons and abilities
  • Deals damage consistently
  • Most reliable at dealing with groups of humans
  • Most straightforward to play
  • Lacks specific utility compared to other robot types

  • Lots of health, and damage resistance in some cases
  • Deals massive damage in melee range
  • Limited ranged options
  • Some are weak to melee damage
  • Can be avoided by simply running away

  • Largely gimmick based robots, but all gimmicks have a weakness…
  • Harasses the humans easily from any range
  • Highest mobility of all robots
  • Provides an additional robot-coins on death

Healer / Support
  • Assists the team through healing or specifically killing a single target
  • Low combat ability when alone
  • Needs support from other robot types to be successful

  • Crit boosted, high health, and extremely dangerous
  • Costs the most amount of robot coins and serves as “final boss” of each round
  • Can't be healed, any damage they take is permanent.

What are Robot Coins?
The shared supply of robot money. Communism may vary.

When a robot is killed by a human player, they gain 1 Robot Coin. Environmental kills and suiciding do not grant coins. Use this to your advantage as a human! Certain robots cost Robot Coins, but provide stronger utilities and weapons other robots don’t have. The more money a robot costs, the better the robot is. Robot Coins do not carry over when your team changes at the end of the round, so spend them while you can!

Robot Team Strategy
Your programming demands teamwork.

  • Your most important goal is to play the objective, don't bother killing all humans before doing so.
  • Robot Engineers cannot build Teleporter Entrances, but can build Exits. The Teleporter Exit operates as a Teamporter, which serves as a spawn point for your team after they die. Use this to easily regroup and keep up pressure on the human team, but they have a steep metal cost!
  • Since robots are slow, you can't pick your fights like humans can. Robots need to group up together and focus on the objective as a team. If one robot on your team isn’t contributing, you are 1/6th of a player down on your team, so make sure you are doing your part!
  • Every robot has their uses, and some work better in certain situations than others. Experiment with different robots to find one that suits your team’s playstyle.
  • Communicate with your team! If you see something is amiss, tell your teammates about it, or switch robots to help out where you see your team struggling.