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Hello everybody all over the world! /posts/blog/1/
Pyro Patch for 22 April 2022 /posts/updates/bmod/update-1/
More Robots! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-1/
Further Pyro tweaks /posts/updates/bmod/update-2/
Syringe Gun Tweak /posts/updates/bmod/update-3/
Buff Bots have arrived! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-2/
Further balance tweaks! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-3/
Eviction Notice and Red-Tape Recorder Bugfix /posts/updates/bmod/update-4/
Destroy all robots (as humans!) /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-4/
Cleaver and Phlogistinator changes /posts/updates/bmod/update-5/
Third Deggree, Neon Annihilator, Blutsauger Changes /posts/updates/bmod/update-6/
Human buffs prior to the Big Update! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-4/
Minor Hot Hand change /posts/updates/bmod/update-7/
Geneva is no more! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-3/
Balancemod: Vita-saw buff, Overdose Buff, Shortstop buff /posts/updates/bmod/update-8/
Balancemod: Southern Hospitality Tweak /posts/updates/bmod/update-9/
Balancemod: Cow Mangler 5000 buff /posts/updates/bmod/update-10/
SAXTRON HALE Update is here! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-4-saxtronhale/
Manned Machines Post Hale Balance Tweak /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-5/
Balancemod: Neon Annihilator Tweak /posts/updates/bmod/update-11/
Balancemod: Spy Sprint bugfix /posts/updates/bmod/update-12/
DEWILL Joins the roster, and other buffs, tweaks and reworks. /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-6/
Balancemod: Cowmangler revert, Bushwacka and Shahanshah /posts/updates/bmod/update-13/
Balancemod: Liberty Launcher reload buff revert /posts/updates/bmod/update-14/
Balancemod: Degreaser tweak /posts/updates/bmod/update-15/
Dreysidel Joins the roster, Stickler Removed and other buffs, tweaks and reworks. /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-7/
Spy Backstab, Bearded Expense, Gotham Protector, Buff Bots Tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-8/
Human Medic Update, further robot tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-9/
Balancemod: Southern Hospitality Buff, Sniper Nerf, Scramble Update, Engipad point reduction /posts/updates/bmod/update-16/
Balancemod: Sniper reload revert, Scramble Update tweak /posts/updates/bmod/update-17/
Dr Livesay & Zonical Update /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-10/
Necromancer Spy Boss, Crit Banner Soldier Boss, buffs to weak robots /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-11/
Balancemod: Eviction Notice tweak, Fan’o War bugfix /posts/updates/bmod/update-18/
Balancemod: Hot Hand Tweak, Downed voice lines /posts/updates/bmod/update-19/
Robot Knight Nerfs, Queue points and new robots /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-14/
Balancemod: Vita-Saw /posts/updates/bmod/update-21/
Bonk Scout bugfix /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-15/
Balancemod: Spy Jump Height while cloaked, Vaccinator changes /posts/updates/bmod/update-22/
A few new Robots and balance Tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-16/
October Update /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-17/
New Community Robots with Soldier Robot Standardization /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-18/
More Unlock Specialization for humans /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-19-1/
More Unlock Specialization for humans /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-19/
Tank Standardisation and Sentry Buster Buff /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-20/
Bye Bye Shielder Heavy /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-21/
Robot Buffs and tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-21/
Bugfixes for new attribute /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-22/
Mini Sentry Buster and tank tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-23/
Heavy Robot Tweaks and More counterplay for humans /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-24/
Queuepoints Bugfixes /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-25/
Goodbye faster huntsman arrow speed /posts/updates/bmod/update-23/
Sensor Armomstrong tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-26/
Base Jumper Charge Jump /posts/updates/bmod/update-24/
Robot Audio Bugfix /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-27/
Fixed Jarate, Mad Milk and Gas Passer /posts/updates/bmod/update-25/
Pilgrim and Sultan Update /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-28/
Sensor Armstrong Nerf /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-29-1/
Ivory Buff with Larry and Bursty nerfs /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-30/
Further bugfixes /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-31/
Fan O’ War Buff /posts/updates/bmod/update-26/
Bonkscout nerf, human Soldier buff /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-32/
Brass Beast Buff /posts/updates/bmod/update-27/
Brass Beast Fix /posts/updates/bmod/update-28/
New Autobalance System /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-33/
Nerfing of Robot Medics /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-34/
Human Spy Teamport usage and further Robot Medic tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-35/
Engineer Bots nerf and Human Caber goes BOOM /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-36/
Third Degree Documentation /posts/updates/bmod/update-29/
Welcome back Stickler and new robot Trickster /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-37/
Kappy joins the roster and Sentro returns /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-38/
Syringe Gun Rework /posts/updates/bmod/update-30/
Sword buffs with Syringe Gun Tweak /posts/updates/bmod/update-31/
Blastinator joins the roster and tweaks to Robot Numbers /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-39/
Ivory Buff /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-40/
Spy fake reload and contracts /posts/updates/bmod/update-32/
Mapcycle update for #1 servers /posts/updates/bmod/update-33/
Teamporter fix and reload button removed from triggering abilities /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-41/
Audio Fix Pyro Tweaks and Kappy nerf /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-42/
Manmelter buff and minor Engipad tweak /posts/updates/bmod/update-34/
Updating Robot Descriptions & Tips /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-43/
Destroy all humans /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-44/
Sniper Nerf /posts/updates/bmod/update-35/
April Fool Event ended /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-45/
April Fools Event Ended /posts/updates/bmod/update-36/
Spy Buffs and Quality of Life Changes /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-46/
Huntsman revert /posts/updates/bmod/update-37/
Fire Wizard Joins the roster /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-47/
Vita-Saw Attribute /posts/updates/bmod/update-38/
Polis, Brew and Outflow added to mapcycle /posts/updates/bmod/update-39/
Added !car command and robot cosmetic changes /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-48/
Zonical Buff and Mini-crit damage stacking on robots /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-49/
Space Robots and a Pirate! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-50/
Boss Cost increase and Soldier buffs /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-51/
Goodbye Commander Crocket /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-52/
Axtinguisher Candy Cane and Diamondback buffs /posts/updates/bmod/update-40/
Welcome back Shield Heavy /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-53/
Team Composition suggestion system and Robo Engineer Nerfs /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-54/
Warper Joins the roster /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-55/
Human Crossbow Buff, Jbird Nerf and plenty of optimizations /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-56/
Syringe Gun Fix /posts/updates/bmod/update-41/
Robot Sniper tweaks and Human Tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-57/
Tone Technician joins the roster! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-58/
Electric Weapon Buffs and further tweaks and some notes that were forgotten in the previous patch! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-59/
Scout Bot Buffs Supreme /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-60/
Updating the mapcycle /posts/updates/bmod/update-42/
Terminator terminates the terrible tyrants /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-61/
Baseball goes bonk /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-62/
Firestorm joins the roster /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-63/
Updating Zcontracts /posts/updates/bmod/update-43/
Human Quickfix Nerf & Backscatter Joins the roster /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-64/
Liberty Launcher tweak & Teamporter QOL /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-65/
Human medic nerfs, robot medic buffs /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-66/
High Power Mode /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-67/
Showstat command, fixed fall damage bug /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-68/
EngiPad Speed Pad Change /posts/updates/bmod/update-44/
Update Number 69 /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-69/
Robot Sapper Heal Nerf /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-70/
Barricade joins the roster /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-71/
Cassidy Nerf, SolarLight rework, Raid joins the roster /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-72/
Longer Carbine Duration /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-73/
Barricade Buff /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-74/
Robot building damage penalty lowered /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-75/
Halloween denial /posts/updates/bmod/update-45/
Robot building damage penalty tweaked further /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-76/
Iron Bomber Rework /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-77/
Robot Config Reader Update and Iron Bomber Rework /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-78/
ChatGPT Joins the roster /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-79/
Blood Bandit joins the roster /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-81/
Bazaar Bargain Buff & Asset pack update /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-82/
Demoman Nerf, new demo and pyro bots /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-83/
Snipers can’t jump while scoped /posts/updates/bmod/update-46/
Tweaking the new bots and a few new bots /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-84/
Buffing Barriade and Kappy, Reverting Human Bazaar Bargain /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-85/
Added Bots /posts/updates/bmod/update-47/
Low Power Damage Tweak /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-86/
Barricade Nerf and Tank Damage Building Nerf /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-87/
Stickler is back! (again) /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-88/
Stickler got nerfed! (again!) /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-89/
First update of the year 2024 /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-90/
Big Chief Joins the roster, Robot Pyro Buffs! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-91/
Demoknight Robot Tweaks, KOTH mode re-added /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-92/
Vita-Saw and Syringe Gun Buffs, Mafia Nerfs /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-93/
Skymin and Uber Flasher swap, Winger & Caber Buffs /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-94/
Bonk Scout Changes, Low Power Damage increase /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-95/
Gun Slinger Joins the roster, Huntsman and Aero Buffs /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-96/
The Inflation Update /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-97/
Death Negator Fix /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-98/
Update 99 /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-99/
Update 100 - The Health Update /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-100/
Robot Health Scaling Nerf /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-101/
Heavy Robot Health, Spy nerfs, Carbine Nerf and more /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-102/
Human Enforcer buff /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-103/
Wikipedia Pages Online! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-104/
Further Robot Tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-105/
Bleed adds melee vulnerability to robots, spell fix /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-106/
Community Made Robots Join The Roster /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-107/
Added PowerUp Shop to get a new level of balance /posts/updates/bmod/update-48/
Grordbot & Astrobot fixes /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-108/
Terminator go back /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-109/
Terminator, Cassidy, Spitfire nerf /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-110/
Winrate logging /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-111/
Pickrate logging, Ivory buff, Death Negator tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-112/
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