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Hello everybody all over the world! /posts/blog/1/
Pyro Patch for 22 April 2022 /posts/updates/bmod/update-1/
More Robots! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-1/
Further Pyro tweaks /posts/updates/bmod/update-2/
Syringe Gun Tweak /posts/updates/bmod/update-3/
Buff Bots have arrived! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-2/
Further balance tweaks! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-3/
Eviction Notice and Red-Tape Recorder Bugfix /posts/updates/bmod/update-4/
Destroy all robots (as humans!) /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-4/
Cleaver and Phlogistinator changes /posts/updates/bmod/update-5/
Third Deggree, Neon Annihilator, Blutsauger Changes /posts/updates/bmod/update-6/
Human buffs prior to the Big Update! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-4/
Minor Hot Hand change /posts/updates/bmod/update-7/
Geneva is no more! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-3/
Balancemod: Vita-saw buff, Overdose Buff, Shortstop buff /posts/updates/bmod/update-8/
Balancemod: Southern Hospitality Tweak /posts/updates/bmod/update-9/
Balancemod: Cow Mangler 5000 buff /posts/updates/bmod/update-10/
SAXTRON HALE Update is here! /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-4-saxtronhale/
Manned Machines Post Hale Balance Tweak /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-5/
Balancemod: Neon Annihilator Tweak /posts/updates/bmod/update-11/
Balancemod: Spy Sprint bugfix /posts/updates/bmod/update-12/
DEWILL Joins the roster, and other buffs, tweaks and reworks. /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-6/
Balancemod: Cowmangler revert, Bushwacka and Shahanshah /posts/updates/bmod/update-13/
Balancemod: Liberty Launcher reload buff revert /posts/updates/bmod/update-14/
Balancemod: Degreaser tweak /posts/updates/bmod/update-15/
Dreysidel Joins the roster, Stickler Removed and other buffs, tweaks and reworks. /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-7/
Spy Backstab, Bearded Expense, Gotham Protector, Buff Bots Tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-8/
Human Medic Update, further robot tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-9/
Balancemod: Southern Hospitality Buff, Sniper Nerf, Scramble Update, Engipad point reduction /posts/updates/bmod/update-16/
Balancemod: Sniper reload revert, Scramble Update tweak /posts/updates/bmod/update-17/
Dr Livesay & Zonical Update /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-10/
Necromancer Spy Boss, Crit Banner Soldier Boss, buffs to weak robots /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-11/
Balancemod: Eviction Notice tweak, Fan’o War bugfix /posts/updates/bmod/update-18/
Balancemod: Hot Hand Tweak, Downed voice lines /posts/updates/bmod/update-19/
Robot Knight Nerfs, Queue points and new robots /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-14/
Balancemod: Vita-Saw /posts/updates/bmod/update-21/
Bonk Scout bugfix /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-15/
Balancemod: Spy Jump Height while cloaked, Vaccinator changes /posts/updates/bmod/update-22/
A few new Robots and balance Tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-16/
October Update /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-17/
New Community Robots with Soldier Robot Standardization /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-18/
More Unlock Specialization for humans /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-19-1/
More Unlock Specialization for humans /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-19/
Tank Standardisation and Sentry Buster Buff /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-20/
Bye Bye Shielder Heavy /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-21/
Robot Buffs and tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-21/
Bugfixes for new attribute /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-22/
Mini Sentry Buster and tank tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-23/
Heavy Robot Tweaks and More counterplay for humans /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-24/
Queuepoints Bugfixes /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-25/
Goodbye faster huntsman arrow speed /posts/updates/bmod/update-23/
Sensor Armomstrong tweaks /posts/updates/mm/mm-update-26/
Base Jumper Charge Jump /posts/updates/bmod/update-24/
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